Film works

2004 / Ruido (Noise). A collection of documentary videos and photographies that were part of the performance /// miniDV. 18´.

2005 / Derivas (Walkaways). A collection of short films made up on photographies taken by walking lost in different cities /// videoPAL. 10´.

2007 / Abstracciones (Abstractions). Video-installation with two confronted screens. One of them shows photographies of fragments of walls and urban furniture. The other one is construct with Google Earth tool. A reflection on scale, nature patterns and abstracion art /// HD video. 23´.

2011 / A story for the Modlins. (Scriptwrite). A documentary short film directed by Sergio Oksman that imagines and recreates the story of a strange american family who lived in Madrid. /// DCP-HD video. 23´.

2012 / A ciegas: desde lo invisible. (Blindness: From the invisible). Documentary piece that follows the workshop with blind people that took place on Matadero Madrid /// HD video. 34´.

2013 / I´m still here. Documentary piece part of the performance in wich i make the stetement of go out the stage, leaving the audience with a video-interview with my grandmother.  Through her words, stories and silences  we travel for ninety-seven years to discover a love story that crosses spanish History /// HD video. 34´.

2013 / The last shot. In a time we desire the end of everything, this endless film propose to expand and transform the images that never seem to run out /// HD video. 25´.